Quality is a key factor in the development of successful projects. You can attain quality by
implementing Testing & QA practices from the start of the project.
Security Services
We can help you implement the security solutions
most relevant to your business
Security training with GeneXus

Theory Course – provides attendants with practical tools that are necessary for developing applications
capable of mitigating security risks. The working method is referred to the OWASP Top 10 and how to mitigate such risks in GeneXus applications.

Security diagnosis for applications developed with GeneXus (Web and Mobile Devices)

The analysis of the GeneXus KB and the system in runtime enables
the detection of existing vulnerabilities.

Consultancy for implementing secure development lifecycles with GeneXus

We offer security services applicable to each stage of the development lifecycle for an application: requirements, architecture and design, development, testing, and applications in runtime.