With state-of- the-art technology, we develop mission critical
systems with results that guarantee successful projects.


We provide support to organizations to achieve the best business results


On time, on budget and according to specifications. We operate through a combination of development services performed at our headquarters or directly from our customer’s facilities.


We support organizations in making the most of the potential available with GeneXus technolog.

GeneXus Consulting Development Framework

An important methodological basis for
developing projects with GeneXus, founded on
the experience acquired in a variety of projects.
Agile development, in line with the industry’s
most important models on best practices.

Why GeneXus Consulting is the right
partner for your organization?

Through our more than twenty years developing mission critical projects for large-scale organizations in a variety of sectors, we have been able to achieve tangible results capable of enhancing business results by increasing their potential.

Team of experts

Our team of professionals specialized in technology, methodology, disciplines associated with business knowledge and software development, have the know-how required to define solutions capable of transforming any business.

Knowledge about the

We have over two decades of experience with projects in different business areas which has enabled our knowledge of best practices in a variety of fields such as government, industry, finance, fruit production, and health care, among others.

Specialists in GeneXus

We continue to move along GeneXus’ technological evolution with constant research and development that allow the application of the latest technology available to businesses, aimed at generating renewed opportunities.

Our way of doing things

We are leaders in the development of working methods with GeneXus technology. We have devised a unique working method, focused on attaining innovative solutions with highly productive results for our clients.