Quality is a key factor in the development of successful projects. You can attain quality by
implementing Testing & QA practices from the start of the project.
Testing Services
Functional Testing

You can reduce risks at the time of implementing systems by including verification activities that enable the detection of critical errors prior to production rollout, thus reducing project costs and increasing user satisfaction.

Automated Testing

When releasing a new version, you can reduce the time consumed in developing and avoid bottlenecks by implementing automated regression tests.
Our team’s knowledge will be an aid for designing and implementingyour automation strategy, while also ensuring testing maintenance and evolution.

Performance Testing

Avoid performance problems while improving your systems’ stability by executing load tests throughout the entire development lifecycle. Our specialists in application optimizations will help you detect the origin of problems and find the most adequate solutions to solve them.

Mobile Application Testing

Improve the user experience of your mobile applications and prevent complications relative to usability, performance and security.
By carrying out different types of tests on actual devices, we can helpyou to release robust applications that are compatible across a large range of different devices and platforms.

Security Testing

Through security testing based on the OWASP Top 10 ranking, you can prevent your systems from the most significant vulnerabilities.
The testing performed from the perspective of an attacker enables you to assess the effectiveness of the security controls implemented and thereby identify potential threats.

Consultancy services in Application Testing

Define a process of optimized and profitable tests for your organization, based on the industry’s best practices customized to best suit your specific needs. Our team of experts is capable of analyzing your organization’s current situation to recommend enhancements and suggest the best testing methodology for your team to adopt.

Why GeneXus Consulting?
Our methods have been tested
across many different business
We have vast experience in testing
design, automation and execution for
mission critical systems developed
with GeneXus.
We are a team of professionals
specialized in a variety of disciplines
regarding the testing of applications,
and all of our testers are certified by
ISTQB international.
We use different automation and load
simulation tools such as GXtest,
JMeter, SoapUI, and Selenium,
among others.