Highly effective import and marketing processes.
Canon Mexico is dedicated to importing and marketing Canon products. It offers an extensive line of products and digital solutions aimed at enabling end users and companies to capture, store and distribute data and images.

Given their large volume of sales and distribution throughout Mexico –which has been growing steadily since they started operations in the country in 1978– they needed to streamline the flow of information from the Sales Planning area to the Purchases, Imports, Logistics and Finance areas, in order efficiently share the data flow for the supply chain using scalable technology.

The solution found by Canon Mexico was a cutting-edge ERP based on GeneXus to improve the efficiency of communications between the various areas involved.

The new ERP for Sales Planning of the two operating divisions, ISG (Imaging Systems Group) and CIG (Consumer Imaging Group), was completely and transparently integrated with the existing systems, thus achieving the objectives of reducing inventory turnover while accelerating the import and logistics processes at lower costs. In addition, the time devoted to purchase planning analysis has been reduced by sharing information between operational and planning areas, in real time.

Application development productivity has also been increased, and more than 5 applications have been developed in 6 months. The features highlighted by developers are: database management, scalability and fast development of applications.