DHL helps streamline customers’ shipping experience

As part of its mission to connect the world, DHL has launched in Uruguay a successful package tracking system developed by Simplifica Software using GeneXus 15 and responsive design web technology.

DHL – a renowned global company that offers integrated services and tailored solutions based on client needs for managing and transporting mail, goods, and information – was founded in San Francisco more than 40 years ago. At present, its international network covers more than 190 countries and territories.

For their Uruguay branch, they needed to create a responsive web application that provided university students traveling in groups with quick access to DHL services in order to manage their parcel shipments to Uruguay during a trip that lasts several months (every year, Uruguayan students of Economics and Architecture make a trip around the world that includes more than 10 countries).

How does technology help travelers?

When traveling around the world, people frequently purchase objects that are typical of the place they’re visiting. However, when travelers still have many destinations ahead, they find it impossible to carry their purchases with them. Also, when they are in a hurry, the lack of an agile and easy to use shipping service is a problem.

Thanks to this system, DHL Uruguay allows the members of a travel group to easily create a profile with their details, manage everything related to their shipments and keep a shipping history log.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies in the creation of responsive websites enables users to access all the website’s features from any device (phone, tablet, computer) from anywhere in the world.

The application not only provides features for travel group members, but also offers a full-featured management module that is used by various DHL departments that interact with users and the products they purchase.

The system is made up by payment systems, credit cards and DHL global services (collection, customer service, and so on).

Regarding the experience of reflecting travelers’ needs in a web system, Rodrigo Bisensang -head of the collections department at DHL Uruguay- says that: “We needed a tool that unified and reflected our ideas in an application. This is how we got in touch with Simplifica and worked with their team to obtain an outstanding result that exceeded our expectations. Also, we realized that this organization shares our pillars of excellence in terms of service quality and highly motivated people. From our side, we gradually discovered and were amazed by what technology has to offer today. When certain developments or features seemed difficult to achieve, Simplifica would make them look very easy, developing and suggesting ideas that enhanced our project and added great value to it.”

Main Features:

● Entirely developed using the latest technologies offered by GeneXus 15 (Salto)
● Full Web Responsive Design website
● Integration with the most popular electronic payment methods
● Integration with DHL’s global service platform to create and manage international shipments and parcel pick-up
● Security-focused
● Complete management integrated into the application
● Centered on simplicity and user experience.

In only two months, it has already been used by about 850 users from university travel groups that have made more than 300 shipments from several countries (Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai, Israel, and Turkey, among others).