A sophisticated digital company in Mexico
HipXik is an e-commerce company dedicated to selling high-end apparel and accessories with distribution throughout Mexico.

This contemporary startup kicked off operations by launching an e-commerce portal which contains a virtual store offering dynamic e-commerce services.

At www.hipxik.com the offer is defined as: “Exclusive products for exclusive people at exclusive prices.”

The minimalist design virtual store allows for the creation of original campaigns, making frequent changes to the design and constantly innovating, as the company sells new brands and products every week; the much needed dynamism is provided by the agile platform on which it is based.

As part of this sophisticated e-commerce offering, you must register to be exclusive; then, as a member you can invite other members and receive rewards; also, you can view several photos of the same product or view a photo with a ‘magnifying glass’, among other features.

In addition, customers can handle several shipment and billing addresses. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or through payment with reference number.

The Web development for HipXik.com was carried out by In-Style Digital Marketing, a company based in the US and with offices in Uruguay. In-Style implemented its ERP for the apparel manufacturing industry (which manages everything related to inventory and logistics); its Red Box Commerce (In-Style’s e-commerce solution used to create the virtual store) and digital marketing tools.

To develop its applications, In-Style chose GeneXus due to its flexibility and low maintenance cost. Also, it provided a comprehensive solution as it enabled the integration of all the technologies used (Flash, Google Analytics, patterns and other Web 2.0 digital marketing tools) and a wealth of information (private sales websites require managing large volumes of data and details to maximize sales).

As can be seen at http://www.hipxik.com the portal makes it possible to manage the entire business and, even though HipXik has just started operations, it can be envisioned as a global, high fashion company.