4 keys to digital transformation at the GeneXus Meeting #Cloud #Cognitive #IoT #Virtual reality

The Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, along with Cognitive Technology, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things combined lead us to a digitally transformed society. The following videos from the #GX26 Meeting relate to different conferences offered in relation to these topics.

irtual Reality “Opportunities and Challenges”

The Dream Digital concept of the #GX26 meeting was perfect for Eliax to consider the Virtual Reality topic. There are challenges and opportunities that the analyst from Eliax.com told us about. Let’s see it.

The Cloud #Cloud

The last GeneXus Meeting included several conferences relative to the Cloud that dealt with innovation and the possibilities for digital transformation, as well as with the functionalities that GeneXus has to offer for that scenario. Here you will find all the conferences available. We present the discussion led by José Lamas (Product Manager for GeneXus Cloud), dealing with why the cloud is key for today’s world, and identifying the opportunities it implies, with comments on how to make the most of them with GeneXus Cloud, automatically and in a quick and simple manner.

(Video in spanish)

Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence #Cognitive #AI

The track “Cognitive Services & Machine Learning” includes ten discussions dealing with the issued of how cognitive technology, combined with Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly present in our everyday life. In this scenario, we review the conference offered by Sebastián Gomez(GeneXus R&D) dealing with how the advances of Machine Learning have enabled the strong reappearance of both bots and cognitive services. The way in which this technology may be used to solve problems is also part of the considerations.

(Video in spanish)

The Internet of Things and Wearables #IOT

IoT dates back to almost two decades now. Today, it has become a basic part of digital transformation. With advances in the Internet of Things, the internet coverage supporting it and the sensors, there are new business models with an impact on companies and on the life of individuals. Here you will find some interesting conferences dealing with various aspects of the IoT. In this selection we published a video from the conference offered by Eugenio García (GeneXus Product Manager), explanatory of how an IoT project may be started with GeneXus.


You may go over the conferences of the #GX26 meeting again at www.genexus.com/meeting2016/ .

THE MORE THAN 150 conferences and discussions are grouped by “Outstanding Conferences” or by date. They are also classified according to 15 different topics (Business & Entrepreneurship, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Service & Machine Learning, Design, UI & UX, General Interest, Integration & Architecture, IoT & Wearables, Management, Methodology & PM, Mobile Development, R&D, Security, Solutions, Testing, Web Development)