Create and run apps for:


Start making great apps based on HTML5 and CSS3, cloud prototyping, and built-in security system.


Develop native mobile apps for Android and iOS, without specific knowledge of each platform.


Reduce the costs of developing complementary software for SAP® ERP systems.

Why GeneXus™?
Agile development
Describe an app, generate, test. Repeat. GeneXus™ is an agile development tool which allows your company to effortlessly adapt as technology evolves.
Automatic app generation
GeneXus™ streamlines application development by automatically generating everything from databases to code, frontend to backend, and server-side to client-side services. It’s not magic — just a smarter way to create smart technology.
Truly cross-platform solution
GeneXus™ generates native apps for every mobile device platform,as well as web applications that run flawlessly on every browser.It can even generate Windows Desktop applications and server applications for IBM, Windows and Apache.
Integration accelerator
GeneXus™ allows you to integrate your application into external systems, develop new functionalities or create an entirely new system.

It allows you to access and work with your information from numerous platforms, without changing your current systems.

Start building apps:

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“With GeneXus™ it was possible to develop without depending on databases, languages, operating systems, Web based systems, or Client-server systems. In other words, we could finally move to our desired replacement platform from our old technology.”
Kenji Katsumata
ex -Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
April 10, 2017